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Company History

The consulting company, founded in 1986 in Hamburg, acts on behalf of a clientele whose turnovers range from 4 million € and more than 200 billion US$. In addition to taking care of the needs of these larger companies, the consultancy provides special support for middle-size companies including public utilities.

The company is structured into various fields of business, its clients active in the sectors of industry, energy, foodstuffs and high-tech enterprises mainly of Austrian, English, French, Italian, North-American, Spanish, Swiss and German origin.

The company is frequently called upon to find the correct personnel during start-up phases in Europe – above all in the high-tech sector of industry.

Due to its international engagement, Guido J. Leyh & Partner Karriere- und Managementberatung GmbH -HR-Consultancy- has built up a close partnership with leading Swiss consultants Bureau Logos AG in order to utilise synergy effects and provide a sound and efficient exchange of experiences.