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Man in his working environment is the core focus of our thoughts and deeds.




The management of Guido J. Leyh & Partner Karriere- und Managementberatung -HR-Consultancy-, a company of career and management consultants with headquarters in Hamburg / Germany, provides answers on all questions related to people in their working environments.

Its multilingual team of personnel specialists who, in addition to a broad basis of theoretical knowledge also possess many years of practical experience of management at an international level in various branches, thus embodying an integral approach to consulting.

This provides an optimum basis for partnership, creating an atmosphere of trust and competence in which management can thrive at all levels.


Today, business management is constantly subjected to growing influences from both within and outside of the company; at the same time, it is also faced with the challenge of globalism.

These means that the maintenance of a company's success is becoming an evermore difficult task. Success is never a question of individual performances alone, but is the sum of all efforts which must be striven for over and over again. This can only be made possible by having the right personnel in the right places.